Punching Through

The musings of a former GB boxer & current boxing club coach


Punching Though

A Royal Naval Officer, a former Great Britain Boxer and founder of Poseidon Boxing Club - amateur boxing has had a profound impact on my life. This blog shares my experiences as a competitor, as a coach and as a club founder which I hope will provoke thought, offer advice and illustrate the positive benefits provided by my wonderful sport

Amateur Boxing – the breakaway

As our nation's boxing representatives make a fantastic start to their Olympic campaign, winning all four of their initial contests, not all is so rosy back at home.  As we approach the new boxing season there is some disenchantment and... Continue Reading →

Why Olympic boxing is bad for women!

In September 2009 I sat in a briefing room alongside my England boxing colleagues at an international training camp in Sweden.  We were eagerly awaiting the announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), that would either confirm or deny the... Continue Reading →

Three reasons why amateur boxers are not afraid of the pros

In June of this year the International Boxing Association (AIBA), the sport's world governing body, announced a momentous decision to permit the inclusion of professional boxers at the Rio Olympics.  The decision captured the attention of the media, outraged professional... Continue Reading →

Boxing is an individual sport…or is it?

Those of us who have laced up the gloves, climbed through the ropes and heard the first bell, know that boxing is an individual sport.  Once that bell sounds and the referee shouts 'box', no-one can help you in there... Continue Reading →

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